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Easy 4 Week Course


Updated for August 2019


More Website Visitors = More Money!
How do you get NOTICED Online?




(call it what you like)
How Do You Get Noticed?




Learn How To Attract More Business Organically

Sure you could pay for ads, or you could learn how to dominate naturally.

-  Statistics show that the majority of those searching online would prefer to trust and click on the natural results over those paid ads.

-  And the second major advantage is that you won't lose your positioning when you stop paying for those ads...


It could be 1,000 new website visitors per month or even per day or even per hour...
Whatever your number is, it's YOUR website, YOUR business, and business has ALWAYS been as simple as this;


"If Nobody Knows Where You Are
Or What You Offer, 

Then You May As Well Be
In A Big Black Hole Somewhere"
- dynamicmike -



  • Your instructor Mike Berry has been around since the beginning of the Internet.
  • He generated his First Income Online in 1996 (that's two years Before Google started!)
  • He has spoken on the Internet Marketing Platform around the World 
  • Having built more than 700 websites, Mike has never been hit by any of the Google updates (designed to weed out the cowboys)
  • Mike has written Advanced Guides and recorded Video Tuition Modules since 2008, on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and every aspect and platform of Social Media.   


Investing more than 20,000 hours of staring at the screen, Mike was determined not only to Master SEO, but to DOMINATE, and this is Your Opportunity to Learn & Master a New Skill for Life.





Easy 4 Week course:


  • Be on 1st page results FAST

  • Stay on 1st page FOREVER

  • Avoid Pitfalls COMPLETELY

  • Master 1st page EVERY TIME


*Fair Warning*
> This is NOT designed to be a 'cheap' throw-away PDF course that has been copy/pasted from other 'would-be experts'
- This course WILL get you results!
Plus You will learn secrets that you will never have heard anywhere else before, and this knowledge will stay with you for Life...




World Roadmap

Your Roadmap to Success


Week #1

Week #1

Avoid "Google spank" and Facebook "jail"

Understanding the logic behind all Search Engine searches (including YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin, eBay)

Week #2

Week #2

Time to Prove that YOU have mastered this

YOU will achieve Super-Fast First Page of Google and YouTube (usually within a few minutes when done correctly)

Week #3

Week #3

How to be found MORE THAN ONCE on the First Page

Not just First Page Ranking once, but DOMINATING the first page of results (more than once)

Week #4

Week #4

Do it Once, and DOMINATE Forever!

Advanced Techniques you will NEVER have seen anywhere else!

Learn to DOMINATE the clever way

Avoid the error of 99.99%

Learn how to avoid the error of 99.99% of other websites
(even the 'SEO experts' are guilty)


Every Image and Video on your website & Social Media is another PRIME marketing opportunity for you to DOMINATE the search results when you know how!!


So what´s going on?

Well, Google isn’t really a search engine. 
Search engines don’t make money... they cost money!
Google is an ads platform, and ultimately, they are after your money. 
It's not their focus to show you how to embrace their search algorithm.


But if we know what changes Google are making, and understand what they are (always) looking for and why, then we are able to take full advantage of the changes!


This is the greatest opportunity Google has ever presented, and we simply have to know how to work with the opportunities and within their guidelines.

For the first time, ever, Google has given us a way to influence their algorithms, and it’s a unique opportunity for those that embrace it.

Come with us on this journey and learn how to manipulate your own content and FOREVER DOMINATE the new Google paradigm!


Nobody can ever take away your knowledge...


So once you understand how to give Google what they need, you're on your way to consistent domination of all the Search Engines including LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube etc... Time after Time after Time...